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"Everything can be achieved": children with orphan diseases fulfilled their dream of traveling by helicopter

The great desire of these ten little ones is to "know the world." Noticias Caracol accompanied them during their tour of the sky of Guatapé.

By: Noticias Caracol

July 21, 2021


- "Returning to the country, dreams are one of the most valuable treasures of human beings, because Caracol news accompanied a group of 10 children with orphan diseases in Guatapé Antioquia to fulfill the dream of flying in a helicopter..."

- "Xaray's face today wears a special smile, at her short 9 years she has fought a tough battle against leusemia that she suffers, which has not been a limitation to dream big... Like her, 9 more children of the foundation "Unidos por la vida" are anxious to fulfill a great purpose."

- "The dreams of these kids are so big that there are no limitations, that is why we are going to accompany them to fulfill one of their big dreams, to ride a helicopter, but above all to see the world from above."

- "In the air and with this spectacle of natural scenery these children get their emotions to the extreme. Neither fear nor height could overcome the great smile of the day, for them it was their best therapy."

- "My dream was always to travel by helicopter and see the sea but I know that dreams come true."

- "I was scared, but later I calmed down and then it was a very good experience for me."

- "This is something that they will never forget, unfortunately the life expectancy of our boys is very short and to fulfill this dream, this is so wonderful, for us it is the best prize in the world."

- "Although the words "cancer", "cerebral palsy", among others, are part of their daily life, they see the world from a different height and with good handwriting."

- "To be a testimony of hope, to be a testimony that despite the circumstances everything can be achieved."

- "We can help all these children with therapies, in the nutritional part..."

- "Regardless of the great tests that life continues to put them, these little ones flew as high as their desire to live."

- "¡Dreams come true, united by life!")

“I was scared but then I calmed down. It was a very good experience for me, ”said Yodien Cardenas, one of the little ones who flew over Guatapé.

The mayor (r) of the Police and lawyer of the foundation ‘Unidos por la vida’, Alexánder Caballero, assured that for them fulfilling the dreams of these little ones is something wonderful “the best prize in the world”.

- ("Taken from: "Everything can be achieved ": children with orphan diseases fulfilled their dream of traveling by helicopter", 2021)

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