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The treatment of your data will be for the exclusive use of BIOGENWEB only and only under your authorization.

Schedule your consultancy and advice in biochemistry and molecular genetics.

Video consultation

Consulting and advice in biochemistry and molecular genetics cannot be understood as a medical appointment or a clinical diagnosis and does not replace opinions or actions of medical practice, this service must be understood as a complementary approach.

The appointment requested here IS NOT PRESENTIAL, Only Virtually, we will send a link for your connection

  • Value of the hour = 125,000 Colombian Pesos (30 USD)

  • Advance payment to the Consultancy and/or advice

  • You must be current on payments for the next session.

  • Savings Account BANCOLOMBIA 41224318578 

​     in the name of NATALIA REGINA MESA HERRERA 

​​​        Identification document cc:43.548.620


  • For international Transfers:


​​Address: Medellin -Colombia


  • Please do not make partial payments, make full payment.

  • Send a copy of the deposit to wsapp +57 315 ​​4183098

Virtual appointment request

Please propose a date and hour for your appointment,

accoring to the follwoing availability

WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY: Between 6pm and 7pm Colombia

SATURDAY: Between 8am and 10pm or between 2pm and 4pm Colombia

Proposed time

We will send you a message by WhatsApp confirming the appointment according to

your request or we will propose

a new date and time.

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